AAT Kings

AAT Kings represents the very best that Australia and New Zealand has to offer. With warm, friendly, engaged and enthusiastic guides, guests will encounter great characters and authentic personalities who love a laugh and sharing a good story. Always respectful, they deliver service with a welcoming smile, and are proud of their heritage and culture.

AAT Kings will show you landscapes and cities that are beautiful beyond belief. With a wide range of Guided Holidays, Short Breaks, Day Tours and Boutique Small Group Experiences, there is a travel style to suit every traveller’s taste and budget. Their goal, every day is to bring Australia and New Zealand to life for their guests.

Along with their sustainable tourism partner, The TreadRight Foundation, AAT Kings aims to ensure the environment and the communities they explore, remain vibrant for future generations. Through TreadRight, AAT Kings have been working with Phillip Island Nature Parks, supporting their conservation and rehabilitation efforts, and have contributed $95,000 to date. In addition, AAT Kings is helping to support this great cause by also offering to pay half of the cost towards all ‘Adopt-A-Penguin’ packages which are purchased by AAT Kings guests. Currently priced at $75, AAT Kings will pay $37.50 towards the package to encourage more guests to contribute to this worthy cause (aatkings.com/adopt-a-penguin).